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Easy to Install Modular Kitchen with 5 years Warranty


Date: October 2019

Place: Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Size: 15×10

Artbirdz always reached to their client’s requirement no matter where the place is. This time, we completed a splendid project for modular kitchen in Rajsthan.

It was a client requirement to make this modular kitchen interior elegant and enduring at the same time. Hence Artbirdz gives 5 years warranty for this easy installing modular kitchen.

Design of Modular Kitchen Interior

A modular kitchen is a kitchen term that mainly consists of modules. A modular kitchen interior consists of modules or furniture. Prefabricated wardrobe. This kitchen is big in size hence we covered this space with drawers and cabinets. As we know Straight Modular Kitchen interior is true to its name and follows a linear assembly of cabinets and drawers. Combine the pieces to create a functional kitchen. The interior design of a straight, modular kitchen interior fits into its name and follows the linear arrangement of cabinets and drawers.

Modular Kitchen interior is all about the right materials and design. Our contemporary kitchen accessories & appliances are inspired by eco-friendly elements. We choose the black and white color combination for this modular kitchen interior. 

We designed a horizontally long window with shutting the door for making high-grade ventilation for modular kitchen. This window is a great way to add some natural light in the kitchen which makes this window more essential in this modular kitchen.

This entire Kitchen looks wonderful with this color of combination and having plenty of cabinets drawers.

Design Modular Kitchen with Artbirdz

Artbirdz hardly took one day to install this entire modular kitchen interior. This is the best deal ever if you are looking for easy to install a modular kitchen on reasonable price with 5 years of warranty.

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